Getting Started As A Comedian – An Interview With Steve Roye

I was recently interviewed by professional comedian John Branyan focusing on information of interest to talented individuals who are new to stand-up comedy and are trying to learn how to be a comedian.

This interview is provided to expose an alternative approach to the traditional stand-up comedy methodologies.

The entire interview is provided in these 4 YouTube video clip segments provided below.

Getting Started In Stand-up Comedy Part 1

Getting Started In Stand-up Comedy Part 2

Getting Started In Stand-up Comedy Part 3

Getting Started In Stand-up Comedy Part 4

As I mentioned in the interview, if you are trying to figure out how to be a comedian and you don’t want to wait many months or even years to get the big laughs on stage…

I recommend that you review at least the 5 free stand-up comedy lessons available to you now at

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4 Replies to “Getting Started As A Comedian – An Interview With Steve Roye”

  1. Great interview. Really clarified a lot of what I’ve been reading on the many pages of your website. I am looking forward to using my Reward Points very soon to read some of the feature articles that are only available through the Reward Points Program. Thanks again!

  2. I’m anxious to start your course Steve, but I keep finding usefull information on your blog. I’m sure you will cover everything form the blogs in much greater detail, but i want to be fully prepared, like the kids that read ahead a chapter in their school workbook. I believe my sets are already funny, but may still need fine tuning. I’m trying to take stand-up seriously like a job, doing my due dilligence in all areas and making sure i have a thorough understanding of ALL the material before i move on to new information.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Not sure what is going on but I cant seem to get the first video to load up. The other 3 are really interesting. For me, I find the hardest part is trying to be able to get out to places to try doing some stand up. Not seeing well and not driving really limists ones way of traveling in a small town.

    • First – the first video works on multiple browsers for me. So I am not sure what the issue is on your end.

      Second – the audiences you can potentially perform for is dependent upon the act you deliver. If clean and funny, ANY audience is a comedy audience. But if you are trying to do an R rated Comedy Central act, you are pretty much SOL in a small town.