Easily Sizing Up New Comedian Performance Levels In Your Area

determining comedian performance levelsIt really doesn’t take much to stand out among what can seem like a sea of stand-up comedy losers performing at every open mic in town.

Now here is the cool part (for the younger people, here is the sick part)…

It also doesn’t take much to determine who your real competition among comedians is in your local area.

Here is a very easy way to size up the real stand-up comedy competition in your area, no matter where you live:

Suffer through and watch the complete line up at ANY stand-up comedy open mic. Identify which comedians use notes and which ones don’t during their performance — no matter what “level” they may be at in stand-up—whether they are brand new or a headline comedian.

The few who DON’T use notes ARE the secondary stand-up comedy competitors in your area — whether they are a new comedian or headlining comedian.

Note: The folks who use notes on stage at an open mic are too lazy to provide a well rehearsed show and won’t be moving “up the ranks” very quickly at all — no matter what level they are at.

Next, ask each comedian who DIDN’T use notes on stage if they have a YouTube video (or other online video) that you can check out.

If they say yes, then you have just identified the primary stand-up comedy competitors in your area (these folks tend to be serious about their stand-up comedy adventures).

And let me assure you, there will only be a few in this category.

Then, if you wanted to determine an objective pecking order of most funny to least funny of those who represent the real primary comedy competition in your area…

Simply do evaluations on the videos using your smartphone (this won’t take long because few will have YouTube videos because…well, you know why).

Here’s a report to show you how to do it using apps you most likely have installed on your phone right now:

Stand-up Comedy Metrics | Laughter Measurement - Comedy Evaluator Pro
This article describes the objective and measurable metrics associated with headliner level comedian laughter levels.

What I have just described to you is how to get solid and quantifiable market intelligence in order to:

1. Determine who your real competition is among the comedians in your area and what level they are really at (secondary or primary competition).

2. Identify an initial performance benchmark for yourself by knowing how many seconds of laughter you need to generate each minute on stage (average) to compete with the lowest or highest level competition in your area.

3. Determine who best comedians are to collaborate with to work out your stand-up comedy material with.

While there may be some truly talented comedians in your area, you are going to very quickly find out that if you actually use and apply the information that I have just provided that…

There’s not much real stand-up comedy competition to contend with in ANY area, which means that…

There are PLENTY of opportunities for those who have real comedy talent, are able to approach stand-up comedy as a real professional and can ultimately reach the performance benchmark of an average 18+ seconds of laughter per minute on stage (PAR Score 30+).

And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if 50% or more of the real stand-up comedy competition that you identify in your area are using the Killer Stand-up Comedy System to get results on stage — especially those who seem to be progressing very quickly and haven’t been doing stand-up comedy that long.

One last stand-up comedy tip:

There is far, far less competition, far more potential performing opportunities and 10-25 times more income available to comedians who can produce and deliver a headliner level corporate clean or family friendly stand-up comedy act.

5 Stand-up Comedy Lessons - Killer Stand-up Online Course
This training module intro page provides comedy lessons on why conventional stand-up comedy writing methods don’t work.

10 Replies to “Easily Sizing Up New Comedian Performance Levels In Your Area”

  1. I entered an amatuer comedy contest, for $20, it was my first time performing in front of a large, hot crowd. I prepared for days and felt that I did well, but not enough to pass on to the next round. I did video tape it and once I saw your comedy evaluator, I wasn’t near the headliner mark, past open mic-er but not sell out stadium.

  2. Here is an interesting video that I am certain will be over a 30 on the PAR score — haven’t run it yet — but he crushes…

    It is Lee Camp at Caroline’s open mic and you will notice 3 minutes in he just whips out his pad and reads new stuff off of it.

    So I would add one more comedian to your category above —

    The comic who KILLS while using notes is your VETERAN working out new material that doesn’t care if he bombs he just wants to work some stuff out so he brought his pad with him.

    • Great find. It is obvious the guy is a real pro. But also notice this in that video as well…

      Watch how the momentum decreases as soon as the notes come into play — it’s noticeable without using CEP.

      Still, a noteworthy headliner level set for sure.


      The Prof

      • Yeah, I agree. The notes sure did affect the quality of laughter. Even after reading the lead-up to the video, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed and a bit ripped-off when I saw the notes. When he put them away the first time, though, I thought it was part of his act. Couldn’t he have gotten by with sneaking it in like that, Steve?

      • It’s up to the comedian to do whatever they choose. Professionally speaking, I think it is lazy and unfair to the audience to not be fully prepared to deliver the highest quality show every time a comedian hits the stage.

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