The Easiest And Fastest Way To Add Comedy To Speeches And Presentations

jokes for a speechLet’s assume for a minute that you are tasked with giving a speech or presentation and you would like to get some laughs when you deliver it.

We could be talking about a corporate presentation, a graduation speech or a wedding speech. It really doesn’t matter because I am going to reveal the absolute easiest and fastest way to generate laughs during any speech or presentation which is…

To simply inject carefully selected, skillfully edited and rehearsed open source, public domain jokes.

These sorts of jokes are commonly referred to as street jokes or joke-jokes by comedians in order to differentiate them from stand-up comedy jokes and you can find them all over the internet. This is the type of joke I am referring to…

A woman was walking down the street with a baby ape in her arms when a friend stopped her and asked what she was doing with the ape.

“I just bought this ape as a pet. We have no children, so he’s going to live with us – just like one of the family. He’ll eat at the same table with us. He’ll even sleep in the same bed with my husband and me.”

“But what about the smell?” the friend asked.

“Oh, the ape will just have to get used to him like I did.”

Can’t tell a joke? Actually you can (it’s easier than you might believe) and get the laughs you want if you actually know what you are doing.

Already know how to tell a joke? Then you have a head start but I would be willing to bet that you don’t know…

  • How to select the funniest jokes for use in a speech or presentation – even if they don’t “read” funny
  • How to edit a street joke for maximum laughter impact in the shortest delivery possible
  • How to restructure a street joke punchline to increase it’s laughter value
  • How to turn one particular street joke into personalized comedy material (your audience won’t know it’s a street joke
  • How to use transition lines to seamlessly weave virtually any street joke into any speech or presentation
  • How to rehearse the street jokes you select and edit for maximum laughter impact
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And not only that…

You can learn the secrets for doing this — applying the same secrets and simple techniques used by pro comedians to get big laughs — in just 90 minutes.

The resource that I’m talking about is called the How To Tell A Joke like Pro audio training program and it is one of the best kept secrets that I have available for those who have no desire to become a comedian, yet want to improve their laughter impact in casual conversations as well as speeches and presentations.

One of the best features about using street jokes that have been “massaged” to generate the biggest laughs is that the material is already “written” for you – all you really have to do is:

  • Find and identify the funniest and most suitable jokes for your speech or presentation
  • Quickly edit them for the biggest laughs, then…
  • Easily develop just one or two transition lines to weave the joke into your speech or presentation

But please note…

Most of the street jokes you will find online or even in joke books simply won’t be that funny to begin with.

So you really need to know how to be selective and be able to pick out the best and funniest jokes that will work for you.

This is really the hardest part of the whole process — and even that is not hard if you actually know what you are doing.

Just take a few minutes and check out the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program – it’s fast, it’s thorough and very inexpensive ($27).

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