5-minutesI would say that the first tight 5 minutes of a new comedian’s stand-up comedy act is without a doubt the most important stand-up comedy material that they will “write” or develop for a number of reasons…

It will be during the development of this first tight 5 minutes that the new comedian begins to effectively tap into their “stage voice” — that comfort zone that allows them to be who they really are on stage and not doing their “impression” of what they think a comedian should be.

It will be the confidence a comedian has in their first tight 5 minutes of stand-up comedy material that gets the big laughs that will lead to the development of new stand-up comedy material.

I guess I should explain what I mean by a tight 5 minutes of stand-up comedy material which NOT getting 1-2 small laughs per minute. That is known as bombing in the world of stand-up comedy.

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The Bottom Line

You don’t have to waste months and years of your life trying to “figure out” what you need to do to develop your first 5 minutes of headline level stand-up comedy material.

The tools, techniques, strategies and knowledge you need to be able to produce mounds of stand-up comedy material AND tighten that easily and quickly are available to you now.

But after consuming this article you are still convinced that old school “joke writing” techniques and formulas from the Middle Ages are the way to go, get ready for a long and painful ride.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Come back in a year and let me know how you are doing “writing jokes”.

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