Are You Asking The Right Questions?

I’m going to say that the chances are very good that you fall into one of these two categories:

Category #1: You are looking for information on how to become a stand-up comedy professional and create an act that kills and not take years to do it like most people do or…

Category #2: You are a Toastmaster, a public speaker, teacher, trainer, etc. looking to use stand-up comedy techniques and strategies to “up your game” in your public speaking adventures.

It doesn’t really matter what category you may fall into — you really need to be armed with the right questions if you want to avoid the sea of largely useless, yet ubiquitous “expert” information found online.

Otherwise, you are going to waste many months, possibly years of your time that could have been completely avoided.

Pay Close Attention To These Questions

In my expert opinion, conventional strategies and tactics tend to move a person down a path that I believe is unnecessary and detrimental when it comes to generating audience laughter. Answer these questions honestly to understand why I say this:

  • Can you identify any writing event(s) in your life that significantly influenced your sense of humor/natural comedy talent and the ability to make others laugh?
  • How many jokes did you have to write before you were able to make others around you laugh when you said something?
  • How many joke examples from accomplished comedians and comedy entertainers did you have to study in order to have the comedy talent that you use everyday to get laughs?
  • How EXACTLY do you “write” the comedy material and punchlines that you produce when you are talking with the people that you know and associate with?
  • How EXACTLY do your friends, family, coworkers and associates “write” the comedy material and punchlines that they produce during your conversations with them?
  • What joke formulas did you use when you made others laugh from all those jokes you have been writing since you could talk as a child?
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Did you notice what these questions had in common? It can be described in a single, undeniable sentence:

You DID NOT have to learn or develop ANY sort of special writing skill at any point of your life in order to make others you meet and associate with laugh.

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

Now For The Important Stuff

Virtually everything you can find online from the experts about comedy and producing it always focuses on a common theme which revolves around “writing” — the very thing that has had no impact on your personality, your sense of humor or how you express your sense of humor.

I don’t come from that “writing to be funny” perspective at all. My perspective is this:

Each and every time you or the people around you say something that causes laughter to break out, stand-up comedy is happening only in a mostly dialog format instead of a tightened monologue format.

Each time laughter occurs in casual conversations should be considered the most solid indicator available that what was being discussed and the punchlines that were being used could have audience laughter generation potential.

I can’t begin to think of a better scenario when it comes to having access to continuously generated, proven comedy material that is ready to convert from a dialogue into a monologue.

So, if I’ve got your attention, let me show you how to start collecting comedy material and ideas that are happening around you and because of you everyday.

Here is what I recommend that you do — using the link below, review the article carefully:

Secrets For Harvesting Powerful Stand-up Comedy Material From Casual Conversations

That’ll also lead you to a Special Report that picks apart the notion that there are massive differences between laughter generated on the street and laughter generated from the stage.

If you can grasp the information provided in those two resources, you will have a significant edge over most when it comes to building a routine or collecting/building bits and stories for speeches and presentations.

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