I’m Killing At Comedy Open Mics – So What Do I Do Now?

success-2Are you truly killing at the comedy open mics?

Would you like to know what you need to do to take your stand-up comedy to the next level?

Maybe I should define what killing on stage really means as a comedian first…

Killing on stage means that you are able to generate a minimum average of 18 seconds of laughter each performing minute (headliner level stand-up comedy).

Note: It doesn’t matter if you use a stopwatch, Comedy Evaluator Pro or a sundial to make this determination. It doesn’t matter what delivery style you use or the type of stand-up comedy material you deliver.

So let’s assume for a minute that you have been hitting the stand-up comedy open mics for a while and you start killing on stage consistently.

What’s next? How do you move to the next level in your stand-up comedy?

Here are 5 solid recommendations that you may want to strongly consider if you are killing at comedy open mic nights and want to progress as rapidly as possible in world of stand-up comedy (ie: moving towards paid gigs):

1. You need to demonstrate that you can do more than 3-7 minutes of solid stand-up comedy.

One of the mistakes many comedians make when they start getting big laughs on stage is continue to deliver the same 3-7 minutes of stand-up comedy material when they perform.

Optimally, an opening act needs to have 10-15 solid minutes of material.

And ultimately, you want to be able to deliver 45+ minutes of solid stand-up comedy material.

The only way to demonstrate that you have enough material to be considered for an opening act spot (or a middle act spot for that matter) is to rotate your stand-up comedy material — and continue to kill on stage when you do.

2. If needed, start cleaning up your stand-up comedy act NOW.

If the only stand-up comedy material you can do is “dick jokes” or adult material, you are painting yourself in a corner and limiting your gig opportunities for several reasons:

– There is already an endless sea of comedians who can do “dick” jokes or “shock” comedy and they have been doing them far longer than you have, making your climb up the stand-up comedy ladder in the comedy club market difficult at best.

But that’s not all…

– Because of the overall limited availability of comedy club gigs for comedians to perform at — even on a nationwide scale — comedy agents, bookers and talent buyers tend to be far more interested in comedians who can also work outside the comedy club arena (corporate gigs, cruise ships, conventions, special events, etc.).

Bottom line: There’s far more money (and far more gig opportunities) for the comedy agent, booker or talent buyer in gigs outside the comedy club market — and for you as well.

Note: The stand-up comedy material a comedian chooses to deliver is 100% a personal choice made by the artist. The recommendation above is just that — a recommendation only.

3. Stand out from the rest of the comedians when it comes to your appearance on stage.

This is very easy to do because…

Most comedians dress as if they just came back from taking trash out to the dumpster.

Bottom line: If you want to blend in with every other comedian out there and not stand out, just wear a t-shirt, jeans and running shoes on stage.

4. Set-up your dedicated EPK (electronic press kit) as soon as possible.

Let me cut right to the chase on this:

While nice to have to boost your online presence, you WILL NOT get any stand-up comedy bookings from MySpace, Facebook or Twitter.

If you do not have a dedicated online EPK (electronic press kit) as a comedian — comedy agents, bookers and talent buyers simply will not take you seriously as a pro comedy entertainer.

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, but you do need an EPK that is crisp, easy to navigate and has your comedy resume, bio and some select (and brief) YouTube videos of you killing on stage.

5. Don’t be satisfied with just reaching an average of 18 seconds of laughter each performing minute.

I have found that most comedians who can reach 18 seconds of laughter on stage can reach 20+ seconds of laughter on stage.

Check out these Success Stories if you want to see new comedians generating 24+ seconds of laughter on stage.

The more laughs you can generate each time you perform, the more you will stand out among those comedians who have less drive and less talent than you have.

If you follow those 5 recommendations, it won’t be long before you will only be using comedy open mics to work out new stand-up comedy material and can shift your focus to getting paid performances. 🙂

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