Smartphone Accessory For Writing Comedy Material

Whether one decides to write jokes from a blank sheet of paper or engage in writing down what they want to say the way they want to say it, this important fact remains: Because we cannot see words and sentences that we say as we speak, nor do we have the ability to structure, edit or otherwise manipulate those sentences in midair as they are spoken… There will always be an aspect of writing or writing down (the difference is explained here) when it comes to the production of stand-up comedy material. Well, if you have a smartphone, you Continue reading Smartphone Accessory For Writing Comedy Material

I Am Comic – A MUST See Film For Comedians And Stand-up Comedy Enthusiasts!

. About I Am Comic If you really want to see “behind the curtain” when it comes to finding out what stand-up comedy is really all about… You MUST see I Am Comic (#ad) directed by Jordan Brady. This amazing film features dozens of stand-up comedy stars like Tim Allen, Sara Silverman, Jeff Foxworthy, Jim Gaffigan, Kathy Griffin, Tommy Davidson and many more! I should also mention that myself (Steve Roye) and my Comedy Evaluator Pro software are also featured in this film (much to my surprise).

Which Successful Comedians Have This Specific Trait?

Recently I stumbled across an interesting new program that I’m pretty excited about called Extrovert Me. But I am not convinced that folks know what extroversion is or why it matters as a comedian (no, it’s not some sort of sexual fetish). So, let’s test your knowledge. Below are 4 YouTube stand-up comedy videos of comedians that you probably know or have heard of.