False Perceptions About Stand-up Comedy New Comedians Should Know

My experience tells me that it is rarely an issue with talent that causes new comedians to struggle. The real issue that tends to lead to failure in stand-up comedy revolves around what a person believes to be true when the reality is not anywhere close. Continue reading False Perceptions About Stand-up Comedy New Comedians Should Know

Comic Lives By Betsy Borns – A Must Read For Aspiring Comedians

For anyone who is looking for stand-up comedy resources, there is one book that I consider a must read — especially for new comedians — that doesn’t fall into that category. The name of the book is Comic Lives by Betsy Borns (#ad). While the book is a bit dated (originally published in 1987), you simply won’t find a better resource for discovering what the world of stand-up comedy is really all about.

The Value Of Your Time When Starting A Stand-up Comedy Career

Let’s take a look at the value of time as it is spent starting a stand-up comedy career, assuming that your time has some sort of assigned monetary value. I’m taking this approach because… People seem to understand the value of money, whether they have any or not. But they can have some real difficulty when it comes to valuing their time. In order to illustrate exactly what I am talking about, let’s assume that…