More About Developing Comedy Timing

While I can certainly show individuals how to capture their own natural speaking rhythm on paper and identify aspects of comedy timing that folks can certainly work on off stage for better results on stage using the Killer Stand-up Online Course… There’s one aspect of comedy timing that can only be learned on the stage, which is the adjustment of pause variations that happen naturally as a direct result of audience size. Provided a comedian’s material is funny, here’s what Continue reading More About Developing Comedy Timing

Which Is Better: Comedy Classes Or The Killer Stand-up Online Course?

I get emails all the time that basically go like this: I’m in a comedy class, but then I found your stuff online. What makes your stuff any better than what I am getting in the comedy class that I am in? Here’s my take on comedy classes and comedy workshops: While they may be a great starting point for the most BASIC information about stand-up comedy, don’t expect to learn much about how to create a headliner level stand-up Continue reading Which Is Better: Comedy Classes Or The Killer Stand-up Online Course?

Review: The Killer Stand-up Comedy System

In my opinion the best review of the Killer Stand-up Comedy System and Comedy Evaluator Pro comes from an actual customer — and not a customer who has simply read through the material, but… From one who actually absorbed and applied the powerful techniques and strategies available in that powerhouse system. Below is an email I received from a customer. I will let you be the judge of that customer’s review and I provide my comments after: