I Am Comic – A MUST See Film For Comedians And Stand-up Comedy Enthusiasts!

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About I Am Comic

If you really want to see “behind the curtain” when it comes to finding out what stand-up comedy is really all about…

You MUST see I Am Comic directed by Jordan Brady.

This amazing film features dozens of stand-up comedy stars like Tim Allen, Sara Silverman, Jeff Foxworthy, Jim Gaffigan, Kathy Griffin, Tommy Davidson and many more!

I should also mention that myself (Steve Roye) and my Comedy Evaluator Pro software are also featured in this film (much to my surprise).
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Understanding Stand-up Comedy Videos From A Booking Perspective

I think it is important for comedians to know how stand-up comedy videos are handled and processed by organizations or talent professionals who book or hire stand-up comedy talent…

Whether these videos are YouTube videos or in DVD format.

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Here are some important factors every comedian should understand about stand-up comedy video recordings:
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