Which Successful Comedians Have This Specific Trait?

Recently I stumbled across an interesting new program that I’m pretty excited about called Extrovert Me. But I am not convinced that folks know what extroversion is or why it matters as a comedian (no, it’s not some sort of sexual fetish). So, let’s test your knowledge. Below are 4 YouTube stand-up comedy videos of comedians that you probably know or have heard of.

My Interview With Killer Stand-up Comedian Bob Moher

When the opportunity presents itself, I try to interview comedians who are making headway in their stand-up comedy adventures — from different perspectives, different geographical locations, different experience levels, different goals, etc. Well, I got the chance to interview comedian Bob Moher (based in San Antonio, TX) who is not just one of my students but… Bob has also managed to turn his comedy talent into a noteworthy income in a very short period of time.

So, When Is The Next Stand-up Comedy Boom Going To Happen?

I have been approached by several journalists lately with broad questions about stand-up comedy. One of those questions was: Why hasn’t stand-up comedy been big since the late 1980’s? It’s a well-known fact that stand-up comedy was a massively booming industry in the early to mid ‘80’s — largely due to the difficult economic situation, the novelty of stand-up comedy at the time and its affordability as far as live entertainment goes.