Wanna Do Top Notch One Liner Stand-up Comedy? Then You Better Study The Unknown Comic…

One of the questions that I get on a regular basis is this:

Do you have a resource to learn how to write one liner stand-up comedy?

Actually I do. But it’s not a book, ebook or course.

You need only look at The Unknown Comic’s Twitter page to get access some of the tightest “one liner” comedy you will find anywhere:


Here’s what you need to know about The Unknown Comic…

The Unknown Comic is a stand-up comedian character developed and delivered by Murray Langston — for over 3 decades now.

His stand-up comedy character consists of a cheesy suit, out of date shoes and a paper bag worn on the head (kind of concealing his identity until the internet blew the lid on his purposefully weak cover).

Murray’s stand-up comedy delivery as The Unknown Comic is over-the-top — an excellent exaggeration of old school, one-liner comedians of the past.

I was the middle act for Murray at a Southern California gig. He is a powerful and polished performer.

Murray is a super nice guy too — not your typical big head comedian who has had numerous TV appearances (which he has) and is “too big for the room” no matter where they perform.

His popularity began to take off at the end of the ‘70’s with appearances on the then popular television program ‘The Gong Show”:

Here’s the bottom line:

You will find some of the best, tightest and up-to-date one-liner type stand-up comedy material you will ever see on the The Unknown Comic’s Twitter page, which he currently updates daily:


While that particular “style” of stand-up comedy is NOT what I teach in the Killer Stand-up Comedy System

If the one-liner “style” of stand-up comedy is what interests you most…

Your best bet is to follow The Unknown Comic on Twitter.

Funny stuff for sure and the best resource I know of on the planet for one liner comedy material to study.

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2 Replies to “Wanna Do Top Notch One Liner Stand-up Comedy? Then You Better Study The Unknown Comic…”

  1. I was thinking I had to have a few one-liners to grab quick laughs because my open mic only gives 2 minutes per comic. I really wouldn’t include one-liners in a featured performance though. Is that a misken thought process? I like the Unknown comics quick humor, but i don’t come up with one liners easily. Is it bad to mix differnt styles in one set? Like going from one-liners to storytelling to impressions to props and physcal antics or crowd interaction?

    • For that regard, their are no rules. As long as you are able to generate 4-6+ laughs per minute that averages 18+ seconds of laughter per minute, you are on fire no matter how you do it.