The Benefits Of Taking A Stand-up Comedy Class Or Workshop


stand-up comedy classIf you have already reviewed this article:

Didn’t Get What You Wanted When You Took That Stand-up Comedy Class Or Workshop? Here’s Why…

Then you know that I am usually NOT a fan of stand-up comedy classes or workshops as far as what they have to offer in the realm of showing individuals how to develop and deliver high level stand-up comedy material that actually works on an individual-by-individual basis.


In this article, I want to provide a different perspective and point out some important and positive benefits from taking a stand-up comedy class or workshop, along with some things you can look at before you make the decision to take one.

Benefits Of Taking A Stand-up Comedy Class Or Workshop

As a general rule, individuals who participate in a stand-up comedy class or workshop are usually more serious and committed to their stand-up comedy journey than those who don’t.

Subsequently, there can be some fantastic networking opportunities to be had with other new comedians – specifically:

1. You can develop relationships with other people who can end up being great comedy writing or comedy material development partners.

2. Developing relationships with other students who are also serious about stand-up comedy can help to provide leads on places to perform (the more eyeballs looking for open mic opportunities, etc. — the more you will find because many come and go).

They can also be the starting point for a comedy “writing” group that meets regularly after the stand-up comedy class is over to bat around stand-up comedy material ideas and material.

Like I said before, students enrolled are usually more serious and committed to their stand-up comedy journey than those who haven’t done much of anything to improve their stand-up comedy material.

3. You can get valuable feedback and comedy material expansion ideas from the other students in the class if you already have stand-up comedy material that you have developed.

Keep in mind that usually multiple session stand-up comedy classes include any number of in class performances among the other students to review.

And the most the other students who are in your stand-up comedy class have a great sense of humor, just like you.

Let’s assume for a minute that you are a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member. You could literally roll into a stand-up comedy class with 5-7+ minutes of already developed stand-up comedy material.

You can then use the in-class performances to test that material out before you take it on stage in front of an actual audience.

Not only that but you can and will get some killer punchlines and tag lines as well as other ideas and directions you can take with your material from the other students in the class.

Plus you can get valuable feedback and input from the class instructor.

I can’t think of a better or faster way to hone, refine or even expand the stand-up comedy material you have before an audience ever sees it.

Then there’s the graduation show that can be a part of of a stand-up comedy class.  I also can’t think of a better way to start out in stand-up comedy than to slay the graduation show audience.

What I have just described is how you can squeeze the absolute most value out of a stand-up comedy class.

I applaud anyone who is is taking their stand-up comedy adventures seriously. The potential personal and financial rewards are great for the comedian who can generate noteworthy laughs from their stand-up comedy.

It takes a considerable amount of skill and ability to create, craft and develop a powerful stand-up comedy routine. Comedians who are willing to invest in themselves to acquire the skill and ability to do that are on the top shelf in my book.

With that said, you should also be aware of this:

The value of any live stand-up comedy class is directly related to the individual who is teaching the class and what is offered as a part of that class.

So in the last section, let’s review a few things that you can research on your own when it comes to a stand-up comedy class being offered in your area.

Things You Can Check Out Before You Take A Stand-up Comedy Class Or Workshop

1. Find out if the instructor is (or was) actually a stand-up comedian.

Unfortunately, there are a number of so-called stand-up comedy instructors who either have never even been a performing comedian, never got past open mike level with their stand-up comedy act or never worked anytime as a paid professional.

2. See if the instructor has an online video of their stand-up comedy act that you can review.

Note: If they can’t provide one, that should be a huge hint as to what you are going to get as far as comedy material development information goes.

3. Find out if there are in class performances included with the class and a graduation show included at the end of the class.

As I mentioned before, if you’ve developed stand-up comedy material before you get to the class, you will have a valuable resource for ideas on editing, adjusting, honing and expanding that material quickly.

Note: Single session stand-up comedy workshops or short classes may or may not have performance opportunities associated with them.

4. See if the instructor will provide the contact information for 2-3 former students so that you can ask them questions about the class or workshop.

Hint: If the former students are performing, find out where and go check them out if possible to see what kind of progress they have made as a result of taking the class or workshop.

Not many things speak louder than visible results — especially results that you can see and experience with your own eyes.

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4 Replies to “The Benefits Of Taking A Stand-up Comedy Class Or Workshop”

  1. These are some really great benefits; after all, anyone can just joke around with their friends, but there are some things you can only get from taking a class. As the article points out though, one of the biggest things you can gain from taking one of these classes is networking. If you’re going to get serious about becoming a comedian, then you want to gather a network of people you can practice and write routines with for your career.

  2. Taking a standup comedy class had several benefits. First, the class “graduation” was at the Improv… 5 minutes of mic time in a real club with a 250 person audience. It was frightening for a first timer, to say the least. Two, because of the class, I went looking for support and found Killer Stand Up and this forum/website. Simply, one thing led to the other. The Improv experience was positive. I got some laughs and learned a lot about myself. But that time whetted my appetite for more. Since then, I have been applying Killer Stand Up techniques and tips. I have been getting 10 to 20 minute sets at service clubs and am having a great time. My instructor once booked for the NYC Improv and did stand up at one time. His insights were right on. I have recommended both the class and Killer Stand Up to friends who have said, “Geez, if you can do that, I’ll bet I can do that.”

  3. This has been a sticking point for me. I want to take a class, but I don’t want to put my material out in front of other comedians until I’m actually performing.

    I think I’m going to try an open mic first, record it, and post it for your review before I attempt a phone conference. Is that an acceptable approach for your phone coaching?

    I don’t think it’s fair of me to keep bombarding you with comments and questions without you really having a sense of my comedic style on stage. I’m going on some stand-by lists hoping to get my turn on stage soon.

    I’m starting the 5 free lessons today. It’s still hard to believe how much street credit you have, and yet you’re so accessable and willing to help. I truly believe I’m getting better info from you than if I started the course at the community college.

    My money is tight, but I’m sure after the 5 free lessons, my appetite will be whet for more valuable course content. Thanks Steve!

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