Stand-up Comedy Misconceptions

stand-up comedy misconceptionsIt can be difficult at best to get accurate and complete information about anything, whether it be about politics or how to write stand-up comedy.

I also know that if an individual is willing to get enough “second opinions”, they will eventually find the answers that they want to hear.

But when it comes to stand-up comedy, there are some misconceptions that keep those who don’t have real comedy talent thinking they can excel at stand-up comedy.

And sadder still are the misconceptions that keep those who do have real comedy talent from ever capitalizing on their talent.

So, let’s cover two of these misconceptions…

One regarding people who DON’T have natural comedy talent and one regarding people who DO have plenty of natural comedy talent.

I should also mention that most of people who attempt to tackle stand-up comedy have more than enough talent to do quite well as a comedian and get noteworthy laughs on stage.

What keeps folks who do have talent from moving forward has to do with the perceptions they have have about how stand-up comedy material is developed and delivered and the absence of a process for such that actually produces results (audience laughs) on stage.

But let’s start with this whole notion that someone who doesn’t have the talent God gave ear wax to somehow “learn” to be funny on stage as a comedian.

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Misconception #1

Individuals who lack comedy talent can learn to become funny on the stand-up comedy stage.

While it may be possible to learn to “act” at a high proficiency level that could eventually generate big laughs on stage, it would behoove those who don’t have natural comedy talent to get started on acting classes now because…

Coupled with developing great acting skills AND developing the ability to “write” and deliver a stand-up comedy monologue — it will literally take many years to achieve headliner level proficiency — if at all.

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It should be noted while these folks dream of making audiences scream with laughter, the reality is that these folks often don’t make any real progress in stand-up comedy.

Instead, they remain at the very bottom of the stand-up comedy food chain, many times for years — because no one has the spine to tell them that they don’t have the comedy talent God gave belly button lint and…

They keep believing they can somehow “write” themselves or act themselves into a headline level act if they just keep doing it long enough.

These are the same folks who are quick to complain that “nothing” seems to work for them. That’s because they don’t have natural comedy talent and nothing is going to work for that problem, short of a brain transplant.

Note: The Killer Stand-up Online Course cannot give an individual natural comedy talent, nor does it teach people to “act”. This system revolves around recognizing and structuring an individual’s own individual sense of humor and amplifying it for the stand-up comedy stage.

Any stand-up comedy teacher who says an individual without natural comedy talent can “write” their way to funny on stage is a scam artist.

Any stand-up comedy teacher who says they can teach an individual how to “act” their way to being funny on stage in just a few sessions is a scam artist.

Misconception #2

Individuals who do have natural comedy talent must use “joke writing” methods and formulas that takes years to master in order to develop a big laugh stand-up comedy routine.

Let me say strongly — that is absolutely FALSE. Just check out the Success Stories here.

It is my professional opinion that “joke writing” can actually stagnate a comedian’s growth and progress because of the constant requirement to have to “guess” what may or may not be funny, without regard to the most important part of a stand-up comedy act that actually gets the laughs — the delivery.

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It was not a process of writing that led to the comedy talent you have now — it was a process of interacting with others that was the process involved which led to you having the comedy talent you have right now.

The fastest way to develop powerful and funny stand-up comedy material is to have a proven system to develop topic based material in chunks right from the beginning, instead of trying to pluck “funny” out of thin air by “writing jokes” one at a time.

I should also mention that individuals who do have comedy talent and have the skill to develop a corporate ready or family friendly stand-up comedy act can make big money in markets outside the comedy club market.

Stand-up Comedy Tip: No matter what methods you use to develop stand-up comedy material (not “write” stand-up comedy material in the literal sense) that actually works well, in order to deliver a headliner level stand-up comedy act you must be able to generate an average of 18+ seconds of laughter for each performing minute on stage (PAR Score 30+).

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