New To Stand-up Comedy? A Great Starting Point:

Ken asks…

How difficult is stand-up comedy?

I’ve been a singer in a band for the last five years, played hundreds of gigs, in front of some pretty big audiences.

I rarely get properly nervous and any nerves I do get are usually a due to potential equipment failure, rather than a lack of faith in our ability.

After the bands next album, I’m thinking of trying my hand at stand up comedy. I have written comedy (though nowhere near the level I have in music) but never performed comedy.
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If you found this article as a result of looking for information on how to write punchlines, answer this important question before you continue:

How did you write punchlines that generated laughs before you started looking for information about writing punchlines?

I ask because if you have used (and are using) your sense of humor and comedy talent to cause others to laugh in common, everyday conversations — then you have already been producing and delivering powerful punchlines that have worked to get laughs for years. Read the rest of this entry

friends-laughingOne of the things that people who are considering stand-up comedy want before they start is some sort of assurance that they have what it takes to succeed as a comedian.

Subsequently, they may use this justification as a basis to get started:

“My friends think I’m funny.”

Is that a sign that a person has the comedy talent they need to do well as a comedian? Maybe yes and maybe no. Read the rest of this entry

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