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  1. I have questioned and struggled with the question what is my delivery style. Having watched your short bit Mr. Roye, it came clear to me that I’ve had a style all along and was wasting valuable thinking time looking for one. Your explanation was simple and clear along with your demonstration.

  2. I like Branyan’s comment about the audience’s wanting to know the person on stage. If people were not interested in the human condition, there would not be other forms of art like plays and movies. It is the comedian’s job–I think–to get the audience to care about his journey in life. Rodney Dangerfield said that if the audience likes you they will laugh even at a mediocre joke. I think Dangerfield was very convincing with his “loser” character and that made his jokes funnier (going back to the “personal” comment). Dangerfield’s strong character reminds me of a technique good playwrights know: If you can create tension in the audience–then give them a release–you often create humor.

  3. Interesting point about every performer (bands, theater, dancers, etc.) feels the need to rehearse; everyone except many comedians. That’s intriguing to me. Could that be why most comedians never amount to much success or don’t develop to their fullest potential? Comedians who “use notes” and “lack confidence” could “lack notes” and “use confidence” if they simply had ample and proper rehearsals!